Stacey Antsanen — STAY AWAY FROM STACEY. Stacey Antsanen is one of the biggest losers in Winnipeg!!! She’s a youth care worker and talks about all the little whores who sell their slice to John’s and sh1t talking bout how they meet them fuk them and rob em. Sav Spence is her favourite to talk about. She’s a little pepsi head and absolutely LOVES getting pepsi out with her the youth she works with. Last time she was on the Dirty I heard she wanted to leave the city. How embarrassing?!!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF STACEY!!!! Heard she’s got a dose of drd? HPV? Forgot what she said but she said she got it from her ugly baby Dad Ernest yuck fuk if I looked like Stacey too then I’d understand why he cheated on her and gave her the dose and heard one more thing… The only reason why she’s losing so much weight is cause she’s a little pepsi head who sells her slice with the kids she works with just so she can have a little something on the side She IS A SICK HUMAN she’s delusional and incompetent She’s crazy and could be a human trafficker.

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