Laura Johanna Miles — A Disgusting, Vile Person Who Has Deep Dark Secrets

Laura Johanna Miles — A Disgusting, Vile Person Who Has Deep Dark Secrets. The woman pictured here is one of the biggest, nastiest whores the DMV area has ever seen. Laura Johanna Miles acts like she is a cool person when in fact, she is a evil threachous person. She like to have sex with everybody and everything, even the animals. From the info I gathered, she shined more knob than a crackwhore in SE DC. In HS, she fuked guys from Whitman, Churchill, Walter Johnson, all over Montgomery County. She fuked Churchill guys like Dane Morris, Sekou Yansane, Ben Fried, Escobar Cesar, Esteban Hill, Jason Goldberg, Luke Van Sande, Sarko Nazarian (RIP), Paul Lindler, damn so many. She likes women too and had lesbian relationships with Rada Puri, Vida Mothkari, Nicole Soboleski, Colleen MacPherson, Samantha Shapiro, Chancelle Azo, Tala Said, damn over 50 women from Churchill. I remember when she worked at a Ice Cream store in Bethesda and she was fired for putting her menstration in ice cream and a lot of people got sick. She sleeps with everyone’s boyfriend and girlfriend. She been in the DC nightlife scene for over 10 years and damn more phallus have ran through her than water through New Orleans. She slept with DC cats like Antonio Ghannam, Eric Rez, Mo Kadir, Matt Cronin, Barry Shannon, AKA DJ Octane, Jimmy Mailk, Saam Bogemzar, Nino Marcoantonio, Rubens Carbal, Michael Mitadou, George Tsakiris, Fabio Brankovic, Stanley Azor, Eddie Powell, Chris Burrell, Darnell DeChalus, Thomas Stewart, CJ Elliot, Robert Acevedo, Drew, Darvin “Smooth” Dinkins, Kaleb Culbertson, Jason Sprankle, Wallace Spencer, Drew Williams, Douglas Haggery, Andrew Choi, Albert Chhean, Jason Garey, Stefan Hill, damn so many. The women in the DC scene include Biani Xavier, Sally Yu, Shana Abdo, Janella Abidar, Mandy Lo, Nina DeVicentius, Natasha Colin Kristi O’Brien, Kari Novelli, Alison Martha, Kayla Cherie Britt, Daisy Lukas, all the Glow Girls, past and present, Willianne Procoprio, Jana Dias, Wangela Ferreria, Bell Valerio, Giovanna Rossi Casas, Andrea Mailk, Cecilla Villalobos, damn so many. The Huxley, Josephine, Ultrabar, damn all the female bartenders there she slept with. She is a also a secret drug dealer and went to Baltmore to screw everyone there. The BMore men include Nino Sylvia, Timmy Orcutt, Brian Fisher, Blake Rodgers, Luis Rosa, Paul Imperatore, Gaetano Averella, Keith Jefferson, Mason Geroe, Jason McDaniel, Anil Parshar, Andres Orrillo, Scott Hiresetter, Adam Comer, Greg Zee, Marc Redavid, Wayne Craig, Kenny Leutner, Nicholas Blitz, Chris Day, Harry Brezler, Harry MacKenzie I, II, and III, Bobby Dyer, Rob Klowaski, Mark Sowers, Vince Stapleton, Steven Davis, Vinny Faust too many to name!! The women include Liddy Costa, Beisy Pizarro, Gevenny Fernandez, Jamie Rossmark, Rachel Ellinger, Erin Whitcomb, Angela Chu, Jee Chang, Olive Williams, Fiona Sparks, Juila Halberstam, Mandy Buchanan, Yesha Hayes, Cassie Schenider, Jessica Butta, Brianna Leland, Brianna Slade, Brandi Kingry, Kelly Ann Gomez, Dana Moyer, Juila Ratajzcak, Lauren Mulcare, Kinley Lauren, Liz Fairbrother, Juilaanne Papanicholas, Wanda Chagnon, Heidi Klotzman, all the Mosaic, PBR, The Get Down ladies there. She also likes to have sex with her own dogs and my man from Alexandria, where she currently lives, caught her doing that. She also keeps a very untidy house and it stinks to high heaven. She is a horrible Master Aeschian in Fairfax, VA. She is known to try to trap men and lie and say they got her pregnant. She also slept my main homeboys Jason McCarther, Fabio Aguila and Special Agent Sean S. Kennedy out of the Baltimore Field Office of the FBI and said they got her pregnant, but they all strapped up lol!! She has had numerous abortions and supposedoy gave up a kid for adoption while she lived on Florida. Laura, your time is up. Time to expose this b1tch!!

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