Bindu Somana — Herndon Virginia Washington DC

Bindu Somana — Herndon Virginia Washington DC. Bindu Somana lives in Herndon,VA working in DC.Forged documents and certificates, a faked marriage visa, that’s all it took to make Bindu Somana a U.S. Citizen. She married Srinivas Mulagapati for a marriage based US visa.Now she’s tricking with a married father of four,my husband who works in DC and keeps chasing my husband sending him nudes ,sleeping with my husband in an extra marital affair.ICE needs to step in and deport back .Bindu Somana is a low level immigrant on H1B visa, zero morals!She thinks she’s up-trading. A rat for a mouse, she’ll fit right in the U.S. sewer system. Welcome to America, the b***h!

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