Karen Vickers — Spokane, Washington

Karen Vickers — Spokane Washington. Karen Vickers said that I helped her not to lie her way out of things. That was a lie in and of itself. The second day we knew each other, I told her that we couldn’t be together because I couldn’t go to my grave knowing that I helped someone cheat. She kept drawing me back in with her pseudo-love and desperation. I met with her about six times and cancelled well into the double digits. I told her that I had to tell her husband, but not without her making a threat to my life. She said that he killed in war and implied that he wouldn’t have an issue doing it again. I took the risk. He made her beg on her knees for forgiveness. She told me that he had Multiple Sclerosis, and that he couldn’t stand more than five minutes at a time. She stated that he had to use a self-catheter to urinate and needed shots to get erect. She moved to Washington State with him for quality medical care. She took that medical care away from him when she abandoned him in Florida.

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