Maddy Tower BIG HAIR BIGGER NOSE BIGGEST H0E. Ever seen a b1tch with a nose bigger than her brain? this curly haired party whore fuks over all her bestfriends. Langford trash. who needs rent money? not her. she needs alcohol money. thats her life story right there. and her current “bestfriend” (lost count of all the rest) just bout as ratchet as her, they’re both just desperate enough to tolerate eachother. and let me tell you this bitch really needs a fuking hair cut, like her greasy personality dont even tame her frizz. she looks like fuking that b1tch from that wizard movie with a bad fuking perm. guess that bottle more important than a lil snip snip. word of advice? it aint gonna help. this the common trap h0e that surrounds herself with crackheads and mooches off of everyone. BEWARE ALL YE WHO APPROACH. ever heard of a “gateway drug”? this b1tch is the fuking gateway to everything you dont want. Steer the fuk clear.

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