Hauke Schnackenberg — Watch Out For This Predator!!!

This is Hauke Schnackenberg, a con-artist and sexual predator from Germany. This man convinced me to marry him when I was twenty and he was twenty eight in order to have me sponsor him into the country. Without my knowledge or permission, it turns out he was filming our sex life and selling it to pornpgraphy sites online while i supported us. Our most intimate moments as husband and wife and this man sold them and made me an unknowing port star. During my marriage to him, I also started experiencing issues of psychosis. Despite having bipolar mood disorder, it had never involved any form of psychosis until I met this man, was married to him and he had me isolated from my entire family believing they were all out to ruin my dreams. It turns out that once I left him and stopped seeing him, I suffered from severe withdraw symptoms and the doctors suspect that he was microdosing me with his methadone. My health has declined severely because of his drugging and abuse. This man has diminished any hope we had of getting treatment for my genetic disorder and has secured a terminal diagnosis for me. This man conned the entire town of port clements and me into believing that he had cancer and when I found out the truth, he made me lie for him and had me fearing the consequences if I did not. He used my son against me, threatening to have him taken away and had him hide secrets from me. This man is working as a tourism hunting guide and has dating site accounts. He uses women for there money and so that he has a place to stay. He openly admits to being an “ex-drug addict” but is still an active user. This man has caused my life severe pain and is still walking around loose only because of legislation around the Internet being too obscure.

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