Ashley Duguay — Poliquin

Ashley Duguay — Poliquin. You can always tell when A girls fuked everyone on this island… they go back and forth between last names LOL. Don’t worry the cold sores are how I know if it’s you or not. I won’t let your fake smile fool me again. This nasty 27 year old DRDY b1tch fuks 14 yr old boys doesn’t Tell anyone she has the gift that keeps on giving. And still works in childcare? Our systems messed but I guess if you rat out everyone around you than the cops got your back LOL. Don’t trust this slimy hoe she will suk you dry of money, rides, Pepsi, steal from her own friends and family, whateve she wants she’ll find a way to get it even if it means being slimey and grimey. This chick gave me Drd, stole from me , cheated on me , I’ve watched her make her little brother come front her Pepsi cuz she’s a broke fiend what a good big sister! Just goes to show how manIpulative and messed in the head she is. If you drop your kid off at daycare in Victoria I’d make sure this psycho isn’t working there just a heads up cuz our systems are fuked and let people like this work with children.

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