meet Brandon AWANA! He is 27 and still lives with his grandparents. HE cannot keep a job! He is not an active father as he pretends to be. He has 2 daughters and only one he actually will take responsibility for but still does not take care of her. He gets one of his daughters (one he excepts) once a week if that. He does not buy anything for her to take care of her. He does nothing on his own. He finds single mothers and takes advantage of them. Uses them to take care of him. He will make you feel like you are the only girl in the world but the reality you are one of many! He will use you as far and as long as he can! He messed with one girl for two years that she bought him a new bed, Xbox, shoes, car, paid for his daughter’s birthday, Bought all his daughter’s gifts and presents for the past two years!! I feel bad for this girl! She is now my friend. There are 6 of us girls that were messing with him around the SAME TIME. We compared stories! some of the use was there at his house right when the other left. We all called him out on it so bad he deleted his Facebook now has on snap and Instagram getting girls. Instagram and snap is Stock_Gang!!! watch out, girls. He messed with one girl for 2 years!! and then fucked her best friend!!!! Denies there baby and now treats this girl like shit. He will tell you ” I love you”, You mean the world to me, I’m just not ready for a relationship ( but you can not see anyone else of talking to anyone else but he will), Much more he is good at this game and good at making you feel loved and watched and that’s how he gets you. WATCH OUT Stay away. Oh did I mention he is on probation for choking out a girl and not allowing her to leave?! On top of that member, that girl he messed with for 2 years and has a baby with he don’t claim but the girl is willing to do a paternity test, yeah well he slept with her best friend and her name is Erica Anderson and she has the CLAP she should be on here too. STAY AWAY. WARN YOUR GIRLS. STAY SAFE GIRLS WHO KNOW WHAT ELSE THAT GIRL HAS THAT HE NOW HAS!!!

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Brandi Moyers is a married cheater – had an affair with me when her husband was in jail.

Valerie Nagle Cheater And Homewrecker