Casandra Martinez — Dirty Sana

Casandra Martinez — Dirty Sana. She is the worst of the worst she’s straight out meth addict she screwed anything with the d1ck she cheats she lies to get what she wants I was with her fur a long time and she was never faithful she slept with friends she slept with strangers she left my kids alone at night when she ran around the streets smoking meth and fuking guys if you run into her she’s cute and looks very innocent but in the inside she’s evil and very dirty she will take you for all you got before you even know is gone and leave you with some sort of drd that I’ll make your pecker fall off don’t believe me try it she’s one of the dirtiest nastiest little horse I’ve ever known she cannot keep her legs closed and I swear half of the guys in Tucson have been in there beware of her she’s looks cute and innocent but should leave you itching in your pants and she don’t care if the man is married single or taken she will sleep with anybody anywhere.

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