Brandi Moyers is a married cheater – had an affair with me when her husband was in jail.

Brandi Moyers is a married cheater – had an affair with me when her husband was in jail.
I have no idea as to what I can say? I was used and abused by a woman in Butler Pa by the name of Brandi Moyers. I met this chick in March and we had been talking via secret messenger online which should have been the first red flag, but I went with it.
I met the girl a few months ago, she told me she was divorced and living in some apartment complex in Butler. She had a little baby, said her husband and her were divorced and that she was supportive of her ex husband and he is the father of her child. I was cool with this.
I was under the impression she had two children, she said she did not add people she did not know to her Facebook, another red flag. Once a week this woman would ask me to watch the baby and go to visits. I asked what kind of visits, she said family visits as her one child did not live in the State. I did not think that made all that much sense, but I watched the baby as some dude would always give her a ride, and like 32/3 hours later she would come home.
One afternoon we were in the middle of “making love” and she said she had a visit with her husband at the jail. I was like man this can not wait, like for real, so I dropped my guys off at the pool in her and sent her off to talk to what I assumed was her ex husband, I was there off and on for a month and she told me I had to leave the apartment when they talked as it was “personal” I mean, at this point I did not care as she was a means to drop off my boys in the ocean if you know what I mean.
I ended up skating and going back to Ohio, come to find out a few weeks ago she was married to the husband that is in jail, still married, never divorced, and she was using money she was borrowing off of me to send her husband in jail.
I then come to find out she has six kids, and she lost 5 of the kids. As it turns out she lost all of her kids except for the little baby she made me babysit while she was off doing whatever. The baby I gather is from the current husband.
Watch out with this girl if you run into her in Butler Pa, she is a user and cheated on her husband while he was incarcerated for whatever, she used me as a baby sitter, guess I used her as a dumpster.
You have been warned, stay away from this one.

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