Valerie Nagle Cheater And Homewrecker

On May 14 I saw Valerie meet a married man at the Fairfield Inn in Benton Ar. I proceeded to call both spouses to let them know that these two had met. One of the spouses told me that they had been meeting over the last 5 years at many locations such as Bass Pro Shop in West Little Rock and the Outlet mall in West Little Rock. I was also shown the emails that have been exchanged between the two. Valerie emails him through [REDACTED] (Which she opened up under her husbands name) telling him she misses him and wants to wear heels and hoops for him and other explicit emails. She has a cease and desist on her to stay away from the married couple but continues to harass and call, sext, and text and meet up with this lady’s husband. She wants to condemn her husband for having an affair when she is doing the same thing. The husband said he would never f**k this fat chic but we all know different. Valerie has had multiple affairs and been divorced. Hummmm wonder why. She also about 5 years ago left her husband and kid at home while she took off to Cancun with her ex boyfriend. So she continues to have a pattern.

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