Kaleigh Deleurme — Notre Dame’s Homewrecker

Kaleigh Deleurme — Notre Dame’s Homewrecker. I don’t even know where to begin with this sad excuse of a human being but I’ll just keep it short and sweet. First off she’s a serial cheater, my poor buddy stole her from another guy but he thought it was love cause that’s what she told him. Later he finds out that this slut cheated on him with a guy who has a wife and kids. That’s right Don Mabon…you should maybe come clean to your wife about everything. I won’t be surprised if she has slept with other married men for some happy dust. But if you are a married guy, give this girl a line and she’ll do the nasty with you.

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Valerie Nagle Cheater And Homewrecker

Alyssa O’Donnell. Lawyer. Sorority girl. Cheater.