Alyssa O’Donnell. Lawyer. Sorority girl. Cheater.

Alyssa O’Donnell. Lawyer. Sorority girl. Cheater.Where to start with this lovely gem. I dated her for just shy of a year. The red flags were there from day one. On top of Ms. O’Donnell struggling with a cocaine addiction, she also sees fit to verbally and physically abuse the men she is with. (Being punched and clawed in the back of the neck are just two of about nine stories I have). What is most disheartening is that after I found the courage to leave her (once I discovered she was sleeping with her ex, who is married, a man she works with, and a new suitor) I returned hastily one evening when she threatened suicide and was not permitted to leave until I paid her over 200 dollars for drug money she needed and was threatened to be killed if I told her new boyfriend that I had made the mistake to sleep with her six times. Also, in a move I found out later and now regret, I found out they had slept together ten minutes just before I arrived and did the same with her. Alyssa O’Donnell is a deceptive, manipulative individual (she has been diagnosed with BPD, by the way) who prefers chaos and the mental/psychological castration of men in order to make herself feel better. I highly recommend you look her up and steer clear of this cocaine-huffing monster who relishes in destroying men and lying to her friends, family, and boyfriends in the process while she does so.

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