Brandon Scott Mcivor Beware Of This Manipulating Pig

Brandon Scott Mcivor Beware Of This Manipulating Pig. This is why he even loves going to jail and if it isn’t your famous easy lay lmfao Brandon Mcivor beware of this loser pig, this is for the gay MEN and for the women he takes advantage of the vulnerable gay men in jail he doesnt care who you are he will try anyway to hurt you, he’s made so many victims he loves to lie he loves to sleep around it doesn’t matter who it is as long as it has a hole to stick something in, he just recently got charged for sexual assualt against a pregnant woman he will lie about his charges and he even got charged for assaulting his pregnant ex (im happy she finally left him for finding out the real truth about him).. this guy is very bad he goes around stabbing people and gets away with it he will be your friend til you get him drunk then he will try to sleep with you or either try to stab you, he always talks about a chemical imbalance but does nothing to fix it why don’t they just throw him in a mental institution already, pretty hurting he has to live off his dad and use people to get what he wants such a lazy gross dude has no job thinks he some kind of top knotch meanwhile he’s just down in the gutter get your head of your ass and grow up already, PLEASE beware of this PERVERT you will be his next VICTIM! All these years Just when you find out he’s Bi and he loves to Lie lol..

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