Nicole Mongovius — Talk About Mental Health PROBLEMS!

Nicole (nikkii) Mongovius (nik mon) This city of Saskatoon pass around, cant hold a stable relationship even if she tried. (Prove me wrong peeps!) She never seems to take responsibility, for the simple fact that clearly she is a MENTALLY DERANGED CONTROL FREAK, and that could be the reason no man can stand to be around her for longer then a six month period. WATCH OUT vulnerable people of toon town, She is a RACIST (hates aboriginal people) social worker here in Saskatoon and works for sask health! She specializes in relationship advice (cant hold her own), drug addiction (has her OWN addictions), blended families (BAHAHA.. good one!), Mental health (has her own mental health problems… & in her household that she cant take care of). She has manipulated people close to her to believe shes a struggling single parent (when in reality she has MADE it that way, by her own choice! 100% all on her own). Unless of course she wants more $! It must really suck to not be able to find genuine happiness! To be so insecure of your self. You can twist and warp the opinion and minds of whoever you like but your actions have absolutely no effect! (You and your friends are just setting a terrible example for your daughter) Unlike the lies you posted about me on your ( post), everything I have stated above is 100% accurate! (And you know it) THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES You can thank your bff KEELEY KAPINIAK for this post.

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