Michelle St. Onge — Fraudster, Liar, Theif

Michelle St. Onge — Fraudster Liar Theif. Michelle St. Onge is a liar and theif. She claims that her ex boyfriend left her after she miss carried but has never been able to prove that she was ever pregnant. She constantly calls and messages him and his friends and bad mouths them on a daily basis. She has fake Facebook accounts and fake emails and has pretended she is a nurse or other health care employees. She has sent messages to her ex boyfriends work places to try and get them fired (at least 3 ex’s). She is currently being sued by her last ex’s company for falsifying claims that he had Covid and interrupted the business. There is also theft charges and harrassment charges against her. She continues to harrass him and won’t talk to the police. She thinks she is immune from the law because her sisters work at the police dispatch.

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