Megan Bear — Two Face

Megan Bear — Two Face. Where do i start about her she two face lying person all she dose get high and drink she doesn’t really love her kid and her kid on a leash and hang out with the around friend she blow off everyone who cared about cheating on her man with girl by kissing her and i cant believe she still has her kid i saw her slap her kid the the city bus told her to stfu how can someone do that to her kid saying sh1t about everyone Elsa who has kids or THEATEN to call child services on them like grow up Megan stop being little whore i hope you get what coming to you! YOUR BIGGEST whore IN SASAKTOON I HOPE YOUR MAN LEAVE U AND YOUR BABY DADDY TAKE HIS KID FROM YOU all you do this lie to everyone who was you see u and say not today my kid see then u see downtown with 2 other girls so fuk off and DIE NO ONE REALLY LIKE YOU.

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Shane Corcoran — Trailer Park slut

Brandon Schmidt. Dangerous Peophile and Child Molester. Real Estate Agent with REMAX Hallmark Chay Realty, Brokerage, in Barrie , Ontario. Canada