Lexi Matchett — Lip Filler Lexy

Plastic from the feet up. Her mom used to be an escourt and so did she lexi is nothing but a flabby spoon who cant get a man no more cause she was passed around 1000X over shes had her breast augmented gets her lips filled a little excessively I might add spray tanned like the clown she is she think shes some hot shot because her dads a hustler but we all kno you slept your way to “the top” she thinks shes bad n boujee but shes just another used up tramp from toontown who’s lost custody of her kid how many times her baby daddy was a dumb fuk to ever get with this nutty mutt poor shaun man Shes so damn nasty it disgusts me she suked her boss off to get her last promotions heard it from the grapevine. Little did he know shes a Terror squad pass around and her daddies a lifer lexi your not hot and you think because your posted on here that it means your doing good cause that’s how cooked you are N your not even Thic h0e your fat as fuk and use a waist trainer because your too lazy to work out lexi is the same gross b1tch shes always been she cant hide her ghetto sh1t it’s such an impulse for her call her out and she’ll try fighting you greatest mutt to work with too always taking mad ass sh1ts at work cause all she does is drugs. N what’s with all these h0es pretending they moved from stoon only to be seen in toontown slotting around bad n boujee more like used up c00chie. you know who it is lexi come at me girl.

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