Kevin Kaufmann — Creeper Alert

This guy is a certain breed of skeez! he really makes me wanna puke. he really cant keep his d1ck in his pants and apparently he’s a notoriois cheater. he’s been posted on here before by MULTIPLE WOMEN but for some reason he won’t get the message!!!!! kevin, stop creeping on young girls! once a cheater always a cheater. so fucking gross this guy goes on chatrooms in the city and creeps on every girl and woman that says hi to him. he’s also a really sloppy drunk and can’t control himself to save his life. the guy should be medically castrated. he hurts women physically and mentally, and apparently he does it for the long haul!! so if you see this dude on a dating site, STEER CLEAR!!! he will physically harm you and leave you mental scars for life!

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