Kendra Maris — Terrible Person And Mother

Kendra Maris — Terrible Person And Mother. This waste of skin had two beautiful children, one boy and one girl couple years apart, with a devoted military man in Angus Ontario. Cheats on him and walks out on her kids while they are very young and moves to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Barely has any contact with them and eventually stops. 10 years go by they haven’t seen her face and can’t message her on Facebook because they are blocked. Today her son, who is a bright and talented 15 year old boy, finally creates a different account to get answers from her. Attached was her response. He just wanted to know why she didn’t want him. My poor nephew says he is okay but this lady deserves all the shame in the world. Who could talk to any child like that? Especially one that you birthed…

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