Jenny Saskiw — Dirty Broke Jenny With Drd

Jenny Saskiw — Dirty Broke Jenny With Drd. This dirty pig doesnt know who the daddy of her kids are, she tried to get some loser to father them claiming they were his, but because she did so much drugs when she was pregnant, sadly her kids now have tons of medical complications like diabetes, they’re both completely blind, and worse of all they look like her which is disgusting., this low life drug addict cant even keep a job because shes so mentally unstable, she drives to walmart and texts her boyfriend that she made it there like a huge achievement. Shes so fuked up, on her boyfriend’s birthday, she ruined his birthday cake and blamed it on his daughter, who , hates her more then anything, but it’s funny cause she thinks her boyfriends daughter actually likes her lol…shes so jealous of her boyfriends ex girlfriend she try’s everything to be like her,unfortunately she never will, they’re broke, jenny maybe sell your 2003 suv ,get a new car..wash your greasy hair sometimes, maybe change your black tights you wear every day..get rid of your gay brown lugs fact a total make over will do. She also has drd, that explains why her kids came out I get it..nasty b1tch.

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