Jeff Sanders — Cheating Woman Beating Drug Addict

Jeff Sanders — Cheating Woman Beating Drug Addict. Watch out for this pos ladies. I watched him totally destroy a good friend of mine. He uses women till he gets what he wants from them the he tosses them aside like nothing. It’s no wonder his own children want nothing to do with him. He will Lie Cheat and Steal from you then blame everything on you. As long as he gets what he wants. He has a long list of women he has used up to get what he wants. He even punched my good friend in the have because she wouldn’t do what he wanted. Ladies this is one guy you do not want to bring home to introduce to your parents. No one wants their daughter to date a lying, cheating, narcissistic, psychopath, woman beating alcoholic, drug addict and also a needle using junkie. Please ladies stay as far away from this loser as you can. He calls himself a man he wouldn’t even know what one was. This guy really thinks he is God’s gift to women when Infact we would all be better off if he just offed himself. He’s worthless.

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Erin Dowsha — Is a promiscuous lady to old to be acting in such a way.

Denise Cruceta Homewrecking whore