Andy Ollivier — Two Time Mechanic

This dirty low life Canadian Tire Mechanic has fuked with my sister for the last time. You can quit calling in sick to secretly spend time with her away from your “family” He has a live in GF that he speaks so nasty of. Why don’t you just leave and have your freedom to fuk whoever. Hes so unhappy at home he’s called social services on his GF a couple time to get rid of the kids. Didn’t work to well for you eh Andy. The last straw was a couple weekends ago… He invited my sister to spend time night at his house. Said the GF moved out but at 6am he freaked out on her kicked her out of his house and said he lied and his GF was on her way home. Leave these poor women alone. I know my sister isn’t the brightest to keep going back to him but love is strange.

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