Tayler Hall — Fat, Controlling Manipulative Lying Money Hungry C@#T

Tayler Hall — Fat Controlling Manipulative Lying Money Hungry C@#T. Warning swift current stay away from this one she was with a buddy of mine for ten years they had 2 kids he supported her thru school for upgrading,her cca course and her lpn course he worked his a55 off trying to support her and their 2 kids during this time and as soon as she graduated from her lpn course was planning on taking his kids and leaving him she was snapchatting random guys and sending them pics for months before she left him and when she did leave she took of everything in their house she is keeping her kids from seeing their dad and is brainwashing them againt him if she doesnt get her way she acts like a spoiled 3yr old child she has setious mental issues and lashes out if you even attempt to discuss anything with her her ex is a good dude and she is literally trying to either ruin him or make him end up in jail but her mother is the exact same like mother like daughter.

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