Tim Lynch — The Dirtiest Scvm Of Blenhiem

Tim Lynch The Dirtiest Scvm Of Blenhiem. Im shocked that this scumbag hasn’t been posted on this site yet. He believes he is a victim in every relationship he gets in, and calls his exes crazy and paranoid even though he has cheated and has been shady in all his relationships. He will play the pity me card and if you are too nice, he will take advantage of you and use you as his own personal bank account – taking money from you and then treating you like dirt. He beats girls when he drinks and high on his pepsi and the cops have been called on him many times. He is an alcoholic and pepsi user. Watch out for your daughters girls because he has a thing for much younger girls and will try to get them in bed with you (doesn’t matter the age) and constantly fantasizes about threesomes. He is disgusting, evil and has little man syndrome. If you are smart stay far away from this massive ugly scumbag.

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