Veronica Baptiste — The Clam Chowder And Pork Flavoured Homewreckin Crackwhore

This little Piggys favorite past time is feeding all the crack dealers generous helpings of her clamchower and pork flavoured sloopy spoon soup. Her heavily salted offering is happily provided to anyone with a few crack hoots. This little oinkers confused to why she is always the side dish and never the main course. She tries with all her might to whoo her friends bfs who pop in for a quick bite of stanky a55 after a fight with their woman. Her blah and too often porked appitizer lacks visual appeal and quality ingredients. Beyond the few crack hoots they leave her, no tip and never wanting to take whats left over, just skip the bill having had their fill and wee wee wee all the way home. Veronica perhaps if u rinsed the bowl before stewing another batch of dope dealer spluge into your stanky sour spoon soup it wouldn’t leave such a rancid scent. Maybe he coulda enjoyed his cake and chowd’ u too. But now your gonna have to cheer him, maybe make him one of your famous neighbourhood boyfriends cream pies your so well known for. Thanks for tempting this pot bellied pig, you unveiled his fetish for icky piggy Woman and curdly cvnt biscuits. I followed the rancid stench and crusty crumbs back to you. You keep that fool although im sure he wont want you…no man wants a souless vessel with zero self esteeme. The only thing worthy to offer is your dirty tarnished steel heart and unwashed spoon. Oink oink u piggy side b1tch, put that into your homewrecker stew.

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