Blake Thompson — He Be D*Ckin Around Town

Blake Thompson — He Be D*Ckin Around Town. So since his girlfriend blocked and don’t believe me that he’s sleeping around even after I messaged her on Facebook and sent her images of him and I together I guess I will post this here. Baby girl he’s got a few women on the go and then travels to Saskatoon and sleeps with you only to come back to NB and sleep around cause he’s lonely and can’t be alone. By the way a little birdie told me that he slipped up and one of those females is pregnant so you may want to stop blocking messages cause a female lied to him about being on birth control cause he’s playing you. It’s funny hearing about your oldest son too, apparently Blake can’t wait till he leaves the house cause I hear your son has anger issues and Blake don’t want that cause he said he’d kill him in front of you if it came to it. So enjoy all of us women’s sloppy’s.

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