Ashley Cary — Trashley

Anyone who knows this POS would agree her name shouldn’t be Ashley, it should be TRASHley. She lies, deceives, and cheats to get what she thinks she “deserves”. Shes a spiteful little b1tch. She had to leave multiple groups because no one can literally stand her and all the sh1t she spews outta that trashy little mouth of hers. You’re as fake as that god awful blonde hair and I hope karma slaps you right into that stupid shovel face of yours. one day, you’ll get back what you actually give out and it wont be pretty. you’ll never be anyone’s first choice, you’ll always be the side piece no one wants to settle down it. Still cant believe that “man” your with hasn’t seen your true colors yet. Keep on being that slutty, gross, garden tool you are. Cause that’s all you’ll ever be.

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