Jeanette Fisher — Smells Like Fish

Jeanette Fisher — Smells Like Fish. I’m surprised this cvm dumpster isn’t already on here. Jeanette is desperate for anythingggg. Hide your boyfriends and hide your girlfriends because she’s in heat. Also her snake bites make her look even more ugly then she already is. This ugly hook nose b1tch is lucky she hasn’t gotten her head split into 4 yet for talking about the wrong people. Jeanette lives off her grandfather’s money and lives in the basement of her sisters house, so cool right? One day Jeanette is going to have to find a REAL job. She’d rather pop pills and drink her life away though. Jeanette also hangs with minors. She was sitting on a 15 year old’s lap one time. NASTY! Jeanette wash your stinky pu55y, take your ugly piercings out and STOP SLEEPING with everyone. Gentlemen beware, who knows what this piece of garbage will give you in DRD’s.

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