Lawrence Boston — Stalker, Abuser, Psycho, Coward

Lawrence Boston — Stalker, Abuser, Psycho, Coward. Chronically unemployable and friendless, Lawrence Boston resorts to stalking the woman he beat up multiple times and is currently awaiting trial for choking her out in a Motel 6 parking lot. Lawrence loves him some ice and will drive his Hummer H3T anywhere in San Antonio to find it. This dirty middle aged man is known to sleep with teenagers as young as 13 because people his own age find him to be a total loser. Loves to talk sh1t on the phone, but will hide in a bathroom for hours to avoid confrontation. Little Lawrence only beats on women. Just a sad and pathetic loser living with his mommy in Marion. He really needs to find a hobby that doesn’t involve stalking women or ice.

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