Crystal Ramos-Cantu Cheating Wife Is A H0E

This woman had been fuking other guys behind her husbands back the whole time, and one guy she was fuking in particular was from another church who was about to have a baby with their wife. This stupid piranha looking b1tches phone number was in his phone, her hair was in his car, apartment, everything. The guy is a realtor from Illinois that lives here now in SA, and goes to a small church who changes their name a lot and was fuking this ugly a55 cvnt the whole time he was in a relationship with someone else. She wasn’t the only one he was fucking with, there were more but he lied to his fiancé. Both are “Faithful” “FAKE a55 CHRISTIANS” who deserve to go to hell with their fake a55 preaching. I’m just a close friend who knew about his scandals. Steer clear of these tiny churches, they’re the worst ones. Fuking Waco freaks! That’s the H0e who cheats on her husband. She deserves her ass to be kicked. Stupid b1tch. And the realtor guy too. He’s the fakest of them all. He would lie to his fiancé saying he had to go “pray” with his pastor but he was really going out to meet this ugly b1tch and fuk her. He would tell all his dirty secrets about his porn addiction and small a55 d1ck. Both of these pathetic losers can both suck d1cks for all I care!! WACOOOOOO!!!

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