Brandon Knight — Trash

Brandon Knight — Trash. This is Brandon Knight, I just got out of a 8 month relationship with him. My love of my life passed away 3 days after we broke up. Brandon knows I am at my lowest emotionally and has the nerve to send me pics him with another girl just after we broke up and josh died. He is honestly the saddest person I have ever met. I am in total shock how someone can be so heartless. So since he wants to hurt me. How bout this Brandon I was with you how long. You dont do sh$t with your kids. Your girls sleep half the day away and your kids are always in their rooms so you can drink all day and do what ever you want. The kids barely shower or even brush their hair. Sure you were good to me but why not your kids. I know I am by far from perfect but dont treat people like trash when you are trash yourself. I am not perfect but at least I am not a controlling, disrespectful pig.

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