Lucy Chavez — Triple D- Dumb, Dirty, N Dtf

Lucy Chavez — Triple D- Dumb Dirty N Dtf. Nik, meet Lucy Chavez aka Lucy A. Diamond the easiest whore in Sac. This chick is the worst type of person in every possible way. She fuks literally every guy she meets. Not saying the sex isn’t good. But its not worth all the drama that comes along with it. She talks sh1t bout everyone behind there back. But when confronted she gets super quite. She has nowhere to live except in her sisters garage because her own family doesnt trust her not to steal there money and stuff. She is insanely jealous of her niece and wont shut up about her. And she is on pretty much every drug available to her. But the worst thing about her is how delusional she is. She is always making up these crazy lies bout having a record contract yet she wont sing for anyone and cant play u the songs she has done. Or that she has money when she is really a broke b1tch all the time. So guys trust me you wanna stay far away or ur guaranteed to catch a drd. Think smart.

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