Curtis Sprague — He Is A Liar, Cheater, Fake, And A Thief

This boy right here is named Curtis Sprague. He is a known felon and has been in prison about 8 times he walks around with an ankle monitor on. He would steal from his grandma. He is a nasty whore, he had a girlfriend that personally I think she was kinda too pretty for him but anyways he cheated on her every second he was away from her. He would sit right there on my bed and talk to her on the phone and lie to her about where he was at and when he would be over to see her. He will sleep with just about anything that has a pulse. He has a few DRDs that I know of and I know this because I also have them and he had no problem having sex with me bare back so I know he does it to everyone. He also has bumps on his privates and I am almost positive they are warts. He is a liar and a thief and not even a good fuk.

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