Leah Rachelle Armario — Waste Of Air!!

Leah Rachelle Armario — Waste Of Air!!. Well nick I don’t know where to start this 24 year old POS is so manipulative and disgusting . She lies so much she believes her own lies. Steals anything from everyone and will trade any sexual favor for a dime bag of blk. She has no dignity and just uses everyone around her. Is the sorriest escort ever . My friends paid her to leave and even paid the Uber to get her out of their house. She readily admits she has like 3 stds but doesn’t even have a car or Uber account to go take care of it. So she keeps doing bare dates for 20 bucks. Is caught on camera stealing from her bf and friend who were the last 2 people who would do anything for her. And she screwed them over. She had an amazing family but because she’s such garbage they won’t have anything to do w her and raise her 4 yr old while she will do anything for a little sac of blk.she will lie about anything and rob u blind. She takes so many filtered pics cause she is so gassed out from H it’s pathetic. She takes her pants off and peeuuu.. they pay her to put them back on. Lazy burned out escort.. So guys if u want a cheap lay call Leah aka Kylie Armario. She burnt huh Alicias Jara ??

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