Skylar Lewingron — Sky Lewington Snake Doc

Skylar Lewingron — Sky Lewington Snake Doc. Watch out for this fake greasy snake with daddy and control issues. Her MO is sliding into friendships and relationships and destroying them. She acts all sweet but trashes everyone behind their backs. She talks smack about her gf’s anxiety appearance etc. Says syd fakes her anxiety and tells everyone Caitlyn is guilty with her truck accident! She moves in on her friends guys and girls all the time. She likes to go to parties and say she is single to every guy even though she is obsessed with her recycled drug addicted lazy bum “boyfriend” anthony that she goes back to constantly cause she can’t get any other guy and she spy’s on him by friending all his friends and makes him add link with her name to get them to follow her. She can control him because he 19 and doesn’t have a license and can’t get a real job. Meanwhile he is banging a new girl in his parents basement every week. She accuses and threatens his lg’s to stay away from him but doesn’t seem to realize she can be charged and have it on her file for life cuz she’s an adult. She calls police on people for intoxicated driving while she smokes blunts and drives all the time. She has a 40,000$ scholarship to become a doc; great doc material: lies, uses, …..Her mom had a go fund me page to get money to help raise her kids?!

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