Erik Izony — Fat Methhead Goof

Here you go ladies he is finally single one thing about Erik izony he will leave you for another chick, I have evidence he cheats he leaves condoms in his room in his downstairs of his grandma house and then says its his brother used condoms and all, one day he was sexting my best friend and she was sending him nudes and asking him to fuk and yes people he will go out of his way to drive to you and hook up. So dirty he always accuses his ex girlfriend of cheating but he is the one cheating on her and picking up method heads off the streets to do meth and drive around and he is fat & gross so fat he can’t even see his own dik he has lied and cheated and only flirts with girls to make himself feel better biggest man whore I know and his girlfriend was good to him and cook him dinner after work everyday you messed up pretty good have fun with your life fuck stay away from my friend fuking ugly picking your sores on your body find a decent methhead girl goof

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