Summer Smillie — Fat Sleaze Will Try To Fuk Your Man Too!!!

Summer Smillie — Fat Sleaze Will Try To Fuk Your Man Too!!!. Dear Nik, This disgusting low life of a human is named Summer Smillie. She lives in Caledonia housing on welfare with her loser boyfriend who still begs to come home to the mother of his child. Summer claims to be a sweet innocent nice girl but in reality she will try to fuk with your man while you’re right there! At the club one time I watched his girl go home with some random and told everyone the next day she ate his a55, and to top it off for being as fat at she is she still has the audacity to call women who just have birth FAT. This dirtbag deserves all the DRDs she’s giving her drug addict boyfriend. This b1tch used to be a good friend of mine but when someone is constantly pretending to be better than they are and really is a sh1tty human being it shows. And Summer is the dirtiest human of them all. Stay away from this knee belly rolling pig or you’ll find yourself rolling in the dirt too!

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