Shawn Murfin The Cheating, Lying, Pill Poppin Puke

This hamilton bucket is one of Hamiltons finest. He is a pill popping coke head, lying, cheating, thief… Cheats on his wife ALL the time since day 1… Uses whoever he can to get money for drugs.. He’s a thief and Will steal from anyone. Even your kids so be careful ladies. He has no guilt or feelings.. Blasts his wifes business allover the city too poor broad… Probably has a lot to do with the fact he is 30 years old and cant read or write a fucken sentence.. The only reason he has anything in life is because of a settlement.. Should have used the money for rehab!! Your a waste of fucken space and your mother should have swollen the load you were in… Grow up and be a husband and stop cheating you filthy pig! Hope your wife and multiple girlfriends find you out…become friends and fuck you over!

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