Diane Rodriguez — Stalking Psycho B1tch

Diane Rodriguez a.k.a Di Rodriguez stalks people and or ex’s She had relations with or just fuked ..she works at a casino as a security officer by west gate in Phoenix Arizona This b1tch is so mad that she can’t make babies with anybody else that she have to stalk all of her exes She goes as far as a delusional b1tch and send messages to family members including their mother even if it’s been more than 10 years who does that??!?..This b1tch is nothing but a drinker and pill popping tweaker she looks like a fuking tranny and loves to call cops on people she’s the biggest snitch in Phoenix . Watch out for this man b1tch .. most people use her cuz her sisters are finer than her and including her best h0e friend that fuks her current dudes hahaha It’s best to say that this b1tch is nothing but a lonely a55 hag she dated a very old wrinkly senior guy maybe about 90 years old just for money she was looking to marry .. hun with your looks sugar baby days are over for you And there’s lots of secrets in that family that I know of some and I am not going to detail on here just know statistically they will do it to others too and if you decide to have kids with this b1tch make sure you look into her family Really good including uncles I would not want kids around that but women beware of this b1tch if she dated your man she’s more than likely to stalk his a55 and or your family too and harass them and try to convince their family that she’s innocent Pathetic a55 b1tch.

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