Dale Roach — The C0ckroach

Ever goto a bar, and find out the owner is a police informant? Well Welcome to StoneRoads! aka the Summit…. Where Dale Roach’s brother in-law gives him information from Hamilton police to him about his customers! THAT’S right! ! WOW! I wonder how his brother in-law is going to explain this to his boss!? Time to brush on on that resume! Now for dale has a failing business, that he is probably going to lose, he has turned this bar more into his personal club house then like running a proper business. His manager is a crackhead and use to be married to a hells angels member. THEN he hires people on Wel-fare and ODSP, and pays them under the table $10 an hour cash. The amount of Bull sh1t that happens at this place is unreal! Dale loves to gossip about his patreons d he thinks he is real slick about it…I just can’t wait for his world to come crashing down around this Bi-polar moron with sexual addictions ( look at his browsing history *yuck*) Every girl that works for him he has tried to sleep with them. This Man fights with everyone!….he even threw a firebomb at his competition(My Neighbourhood Bar & Grill) down the street, and try to burn the place down! THEN the police covered up what he did! must be nice to have friends on the force in Hamilton. This is only a small percent of what this morality corrupt idiot has down in his life time. Boycott should be put in effect on this man! Help make Hamilton safe again.

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