Rachel Visti — Cheater Alert

Rachel Visti had an affair with my soon to be ex-husband. It started emotionally when I was 5 months pregnant. He lied about them being friends. When I texted her about it, she said I must be a sad person to not understand platonic friendships of the opposite sex. Ha, within a month they were screwing. I found out on Thanksgiving Day 2019. She’s 24. He’s 45. He claims to be Christian. She claims atheism. It continued despite their mutual claims that they wanted it to stop. It’s a tragic situation overall. He was screwing her while begging me to take a marriage restoration class. During the course of the class, he continued to screw her. They facilitated their interactions by using the Discord app. He would share my private intimate thoughts with her. And then use her intimate thoughts to try to win favor with me and show me he didn’t have secrets. For example, he shared that I struggled with antepartum depression with her. Then shared with me that she becomes suicidal around New Year’s because she isn’t where she wants to be in life. And shared that she doesn’t connect with others and has no friends. And that she has body dysmorphia regarding her vagina. And in a twist of irony, she was messing with his head too. She broke up with him claiming she wasn’t ready for a relationship and could not have one built on the ashes of a marriage. She only wanted him long enough to feel validation and help him light the match to his marriage. Yet she would say these things and continue to knowingly open her legs to a married man that had a son her age. He lied multiple times to me about his interactions with her. And disgustingly, I had sex with him while he was screwing her on the side. When I realized he lied and tried to warn her about his mutual deception, he begged me to keep our intimacy a secret. He said this was because she would never be able to forgive him. As if I was his mistress. Fortunately, although contemporaneous sex was involved, DRD testing was negative. I hope they end up happily married to one another so that the cost of their integrity, honesty, and dignity was worth it. Perhaps together, they will lift each other up, and learn to treat people with more kindness than they have shown myself or our infant son. To be fair, I became angry and did post her image on cheating websites. She also texted that she hopes my son loses me. And she fuked my soon to be ex-husband while we were married, so I’d say we’re equal.

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