Roger Tremblay — Steroid Junky Roger

Roger Tremblay — Steroid Junky Roger. Hey ladies be careful of this one, good looks comes off a little dorky and a sweetheart. But buyer beware. Let this guy into your life and he will fuk it right up. He’s a “recovering” drug addict that lies to himself and those around him about when he used last. Drinks like a fish! Asked to borrow $10 for booze when denied the money he tried to manipulate and make you feel bad for not supplying his drinking habit. Cheater. Caught him in bed with his ex girlfriend after him avoiding me for 2 days! Scvm. Good looking guy! Until he takes his shirt off and you see all the cystic acne scars from the steroids he’s using. Talk about disgusting. He burned and scratched his exs initials out of his hand SELF MUTALATING himself and constantly picking at the large open wound! Bound for infection. Can’t say he wasn’t warned by multiple people! Careful ladies this one is something else that’s forsure.

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