Rancid Aimee Jett

This trifling rancid baby killer gutter backwoods inbred white trash known as Aimee Jett is back at her same ole’ shyt harassing her ex fiancè Sam and his wife Hannah. Aimee is texting/sexing herself from Sam’s old kik account ’cause Aimee hacked his kik and changed the password basically she has no slight idea idea that Sam and his wife lives together *Aimee* thinks that thy live separately from each other lol and they have a child together it’s been over 4 years that Aimee hasn’t moved on with her fat ugly self. She’s stuck with no personality skinhead wannabe ‘Matthew Krut’ who was recently charged with simple assault for beating up a girl with autism on he’s another real winner he also pretends to be Aimee on Kik Messenger username mattkrut. Nik it’s so sad how she’s sending countless disgusting nudes to herself on her ex fiancè’s hacked kik account.

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