Tessa Deliman Pathological Liar

This fat pig is Tessa Deliman. She is the biggest liar you will ever meet and she is literally crazy. She is obsessed with every guy she gets into a relationship with and tries to be every girl she meets. She can’t hold down a job and has gone through 15 jobs in three years. She lies about going to medical school when really she’s just a WCCC drop out. She lies about every aspect of her life and is the biggest bitch you’ll ever come across. She can’t keep a friend to save her life. Creep on her old twitter and you’ll see just how crazy she is… even though she says she never had a Twitter before. Her tweets are a goldmine to just how psycho she is. She talks sh1t on her own family and tells everyone that her sister Tara Deliman got fired from her job and got an abortion. Stay away from this crazy bitch if you know what’s good for you. All she does is talk sh1t even on her own parents and other family.

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