Paige Jamieson — Cvm Dumpster Of Penticton

This girl right here will ruin your life and self esteem. Paige walks around Penticton after leaving for a couple years to Oliver when all her “friends” abandoned her, but she’s back. She’ll soon realize how hated she is by this town and again hopefully leave. This deceiving little slut will fuk your boyfriend, dad, brother, anyone. If you’re her best friend and she’s invited on double dates, chances are she’s already fuked your man. She cheats, lies, manipulates, and uses people. She will open her legs to anyone for money, weed, alcohol, or xanax. This poor girl was never taught how to close her legs, if you date her, be prepared the be tested daily for this little whore can’t be loyal. Paige is a sociopathic, desperate, pathetic, and useless person. She will tell you lies and try become close to you, then turn on your back behind you and try to ruin you to make herself look superior. This little slut doesn’t deserve happiness. Thief, cheater, liar, druggie, and has not the slightest bit of self respect. Unless you want to join the drd trend, I’d steer clear of this little slut. Don’t get your cock stuck in this little ones ugly a55 gap tooth.

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