Natalie Door Morin Sleazy slutty H0e Bag Dead Beat Mom And Crack Hore Of A Cvnt!!

Natalie door-Morin what to say what to say there is so much to say about that stupid pepsi sloore dead beat of a mother let me begin by saying this she is a Two face liar she will pretend to be there and be your friend only in front of your face tho as soon as you leave the room she will talk sh1t and she Likes to judge and threaten you with CAS and call you a drug addict and a crackhead to make her feel better but to be honest shes about her self and her blow! She neglects her kids her baby is always crying all the time her baby was lost for 2 hrs at a time who loses there 2 yrs old fuking baby and its not the first time obiviously shes to busy doing to much pepsi she doesn’t watch her 2 year old walk out the front door and leave for 2 hrs second of all she has the odasity to talk sh1t and judge everyone else shes a fuking whore who let her 1st baby dad in the picture for 6 months and then had the odasity to move in her 3rd baby dad in the picture after fukong around with her 1st them fuxking her 3rd baby dad the day after dirt ratchet cvnt disgusting if you tell me you could just imagine how that turned out she also kicked her 1st babydad out after 6 months like he was nothing after he did everything for that cvnt watch the kids cooked got them all Christmas gifts it was all him hes not that bad of a person its natalie thats the problem and another thing she doesn’t seem happy to be a mother why have kids if your not happy with them you fuking stupid b1tch of a mother who needs to just give up cuz you do not deserve to have you fuking kids NATALIE DOOR- MORIN and she’s not very professional in the work industry either when shes working at a men shelter as a staff but then fuking one of the guys who actually live at the shelter if you ask me what a dirty whore and thats while her 3rd baby dad is at home watching the kids and slaving over making sure the house is clean the kids can me fed while shes is doing ti much blow up s stairs or fuking the guy from thebsheoter hahaha And she makes all 3 of her baby dads look out to be like monsters and that there deadbeats but she’s the dead beat parent her baby dads ever single on e9f them has tried with her she is just a stupid butch who likes to push people away when she doesn’t get what she want is when natalie doesn’t get what she wants oh boy she will make you to turn out to look like the worst person she will throw her fits kick you out talk sh1t about to everyone shes just the biggest baby of them all stupid CVNT!! she love to hand her kids off every opportunity she gets I also know that she has many guys around to watch her kids so she can fuk other guys come back then fuk them to!! she has plenty of men in and out of her home its like a drop in centre it’s disgusting she is a dirty person her house is always a disaster she never is clean she also just dropped baby dad number 3 for a new guy haha she met by working at a shelter this girl just doesn’t stop shes gonna keep going til she had nothing i do have to say this girl does not know her baby dad and as far as I know josh hudson if you ever read this in would get a DNA test you might not be the father as she was fuking around with one of my homies right before she was fuking you dude!! and that baby might be his!! Hahaha good luck with that ratchet pieve shes all yours NATALIE YOU Really need to think about and keep track of who YOUR fuking who’s YOUR getting pregnant by and who is YOUR actually baby DAD!! AND apparently she droped him like a sack of potatoes just to have another guy stay with her !! And on top of it for 1 year she let guy Austin around for ever and made him look after these kids and he never even got her pussy he wished he could have stupid idiot as if he kept himself around to see if he would get any haha if you look at it like the way I am looking at it he played daddy and got nothing nothing hahhahaha!!! Its all good bad karma will hit this ugly b1tch right in the face when she doesn’t see it coming b1tch doesn’t deserve to have her kids it’s a big concern And she is just a dirty nasty a55 ratchet cvnt who does not deserve nothing In life just a fuking disgrace to society!!

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