Matt Daniel Adam — Cheater

Matt Daniel Adam Cheater. This guys right here is a piece of work I met him on a dating site called pof he was chatting me up but didn’t have a picture of himself, told me he goes to the dog parks and giving me little hints to find out who he is. Eventually i did and we ended up hooking up, little did I know he had a wife and 3 kids! So roughly a year down the road I decide to let his wife know, I had messaged him on snap chat and got him to say he wanted to hook up again, I took screen shots and my friend sent them to someone his wife knew so she would find out, she still stayed with this lying cheating a55 hole, Matt is as sleazy as they come, hitting up women while in a MARRIAGE! Not just a relationship, but a life long commitment to someone with children involved. And from what I hear this wasnt the first time he has cheated on his woman. Be aware of this sleazy cheating piece of sh1t!

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