Norman Barney — Lives With Brooke Friiese 5 Years Has Spouse Jennifer Barney

Norman Barney — Lives With Brooke Friiese 5 Years Has Spouse Jennifer Barney. Besides out of the country dating Elsie or going to sopatech in Vancouver and multiple sites I have learned he had a girlfriend Holly Shores since Hallayard Street in Costa Mesa CA wherebesides that bis 949 cell playing Sweet child of mine for his sake up call had multiple paid dates from anywhere from LA to Newport or Brandi Norman his friends sister he was engaged to. By reading on I found out that as he was with Holly Ann shores since prior to 2017 he resides with he moved in Brook fries to the Ava in Newport off santa Ana Ave the whole time dating Holly Shores Burns and McDonald saftey and health while married to me Jennifer bonnoto aka baney he et Brandi Norman Brenda woods Elsie Olivia and Ellen his established men and sugar daddy account to the cove dating while he relocated to mooncrest with Brooke after this he stayed in Chula Vista playing Brooke living off Brooke fries . Motel Covina Brea San Pedro m life rewards showershows from any cam girl escort he likes to providecicaine for he wrecked his Edison company truck after living over two years on Bernard Costa Mesa with Brooke his the.n fiance denied Holly Shores he called much in his phone or pumpkin head or disgusted men s names had another phone to name Brooke Marie or gigion while all on a lease didn’t pay rent names Jennifer jb in the phone has multiple partners he says he is Brookes boyfriend they live at 402 lalo street Chiloquin he takes commods from. Tri e fired lost his CDL and doesn’t tell women this wil play broke borrow and has no job he also collects food stamps in CA while taking unemployment and like ali in Costa Rica or any type of place as Russia or Armenia Poland to find women who think he’s bring them for some great life in the us unknown to the fact of what this 56 year old abusive man with domestic charges is.

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