Braiden James — Slippery Slime

POS : I recently slept with this guy Braiden James or Braiden Mehrer (Who the fk knows what his real name is to be honest) and found out he just had a kid with his girlfriend about a week ago. Told me he has his own place and was also told he lives with his grandma here in Penticton while staying with his girlfriend/babyma throughout the week. I’m not one to believe rumours but in this case – look out. We started talking off of a dating site and raised alarm when I seen his picture with a different name and it got me curious. Has more than 2 accounts with all different names. He’s a real catch. Great to look at but don’t be fooled by his charm. I feel like a piece of sh1t not knowing till afterwards. Slumming it around town with a week old baby and a girlfriend class act

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